"But the play belongs to Kevin Loreque...clarity is the first business for Loreque and there he is without flaw, convincingly rendering both von Mahlsdorf's German accent and Wright's flat Texas drawl. To play one of these characters so clearly would be admirable, to play them both, and more than 30 others, in a way that can be easily read is Herculean."

Valley News, by Alex Hanson

Throughout the evening, I had to remind myself that I was watching just one man.

The Herald, by Charlie McMeekin

"Kevin Loreque gives a masterly performance in this one man play."


"An amazing story, superbly told by both writer and actor."

OnstageScotland, by Victor Hallett

"Beautifully acted, highly recommended and hard to fault."

Hairline: Fringe, UK, by Will Searle

"When he turns to talk to a non-person after altering his voice and physical movements, the audience has no option but look at the empty space, too."

The Herald, published by the Government of Zimbabwe



Kevin Loreque (as King Arthur) is wildly talented and his understanding of the material is beyond reproach. Loreque’s resumé is impressive and his performance as Arthur illustrates the point. From the smallest arch of his brow to the broadest slapstick pratfalls, Loreque commands the stage and entertains with such skill, that he set the bar very high indeed for the rest of the cast.

The River Reporter by Jonathan Fox

Kevin Loreque delivers a regal and believable performance as King Arthur. His spirited strut, as if on horseback, is a source of wonder and amusement. Kevin’s ability to convey King Arthur’s occasional bewilderment is credible and prompts one to wonder if the dear King once pranced about absent a required helmet. Also of interest is the fact that King Arthur has his own lament in Act II, the hilarious “I’m All Alone.”

The Catskill Chronicle by J. A. Di Bello

As Arthur, Loreque plays the matinee hero of the Dark Ages with a delightful optimism. He leads his knights in "All For One" with sappy esprit, and he laments "I'm All Alone" when he has Patsy always at his side.

By James F. Cotter, for The Times Herald-Record


"...a mesmerizing Emcee"

Molly Altizer, The Long Island Advance

"Kevin Loreque modulated his performance brilliantly. He hit all the right notes with mischievous raunchiness, goofy sincerity, and meditative mournfulness. His leer never became a sneer; his character strutted with a confidence more winsome than arrogant."

Seven Days, Vermont's Independent Voice, by Elisabeth Crean

"...a devilish puck, a harbinger of horror to come, deftly captured by Kevin Loreque

South Shore Press, by Hal Wilson



"Kevin Loreque yields a fine theatrical interpretation of Chapin's biggest hits."

Los Angeles Times, by Scott Collins



"Loreque hits the right mix of dapper, slightly goofy and entirely likable that fits in the style of the show.

South County Independent, By Mary Johnson

"...a Broadway‐caliber tap dance performed by Montgomery and Kevin Loreque (as his best man, George)."

EDGE, by Christopher Verleger

"...reminiscent of Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor."

The Call, by Daniel H. Trafford

"Kevin Loreque is outstanding."

CONNcerts.com, By Randy Roberts



Most notable was the performance from Rum Tum Tugger (Kevin Loreque), a playboy cat donning a leather bodysuit and Axl Rose-like locks whose pelvic thrusts and constant flirting made him incredibly entertaining to watch.

Broadway World, by Estelle Hallick

Rum Tum Tugger (played by Kevin Loreque) stole the show with his rock 'n' roll attitude, huge hair and amazing voice.

Sacramento Press, by Tina Armour

The ferocious rock star cat is played by the hip thrusting, riveting Kevin Loreque.

My Big Fat Theatre Reviews, by Jean Cress



"...Dale, portrayed to perfection by Kevin Loreque...has two obsessions: bees and the town librarian. This milquetoast is painfully shy, has an overbearing mother and keeps saying the wrong thing, but Loreque makes him lovable."

Times Herald-Record, by Cynthia O. Topps

"Then there is detract-able Dale; awkward to the core and horrified by human interaction. His on-scene with Amber is priceless and his infatuation with honey bees is - in a word – mesmerizing."

Happy Hudson Valley, by Lolita Sage


"Cote and Loreque deliver flawlessly conceived and hilarious characters, and their comic timing is dead on throughout this fast-paced show."

The Herald, by Greg Crawford

"Cote and Kevin Loreque deliver virtuoso performances as Tuna's myriad residents."

Times Argus, by Jim Lowe



"As Bishop, a wide-eyed Loreque also portrays some dozen and a half other characters, a seemingly effortless display of the actor's art and versatility, as he changes voices, accents, stances, ages and genders with an eye-blink's transition or the flutter of a feather boa."

Palm Beach Post, by Hap Erstein



"...played to the hilt by Kevin Loreque."

The River Reporter, by Jonathan Fox

"Outstanding vocals by Kevin Loreque as Miguel de Cervanes/Don Quixote."


"Loreque delivers a persuasive 'Impossible Dream'."

Times Herald-Record, by Marcus Kalipolites

"His performance culminated with a very moving death scene."

The Catskill Chronicle, by Barry Plaxen



"Without any makeup — as is the custom — Kevin Loreque was convincing as the deformed but beautifully human Merrick. With physical moves and expressions, as well as a subtly expressive speaking voice, he delivered the feeling of the affliction. More importantly, he was convincing in portraying Merrick's transformation."

Rutland Herald, by Jim Lowe

"Kevin Loreque's sensitive performance as Merrick brought humanity to the play."

dialetheia, by erratic terata



"[Loreque] was a realistic mama's boy as Malcolm, and proved touching in the show's only memorable song, 'You Walk with Me.'"

InViTe, by Jim Lowe



"Kevin Loreque (as John Utterson) has a beautiful voice."

The River Reporter, by Jonathan Fox



"Kevin Loreque is very good in the title role. He is brash and impulsive; he sings and dances wonderfully and is able to make the thoroughly unpleasant George appealing."

AuburnPub, by Tom Woods